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      Every child believes that his parents are the best, most intelligent and most powerful people in the world. Little bear cub Mansur had a lot in common with human babies. As well as for any baby in the world - it's mother-bear was the most loving, most gentle and most loving creature. Alas, somebody unknown made the cub Mansur orphaned. Being, apparently, unable to leave a small cub in the winter forest - they threw the bear on the edge of the runway of our airfield. So this tiny fluffy baby, quite unexpectedly walked into our lives and made us responsible for its future. It was impossible to return it back to the wild nature, because he was too young and would be definitely eaten by big animals and if not - it would starve to death. If it would be returned to the wild nature after getting used to people and starting to trust them- there is a big chance that after some time bear will try to contact other people in order to get some refreshments, and instead of this it will catch the bullet train:( 

    Bear is a smart and strong animal, who can walk for thousand kilometers a day to find food and place for comfort staying. It needs an adequate diet of plant and animal foods. It needs a place where it can flourish and grow, play and swim and feel itself as a unique creature of our nature.

   Mansur spent its childhood on the airfield – it was waking up and falling asleep under sounds of planes taking off. Stepladders and tools became a playground for the bear and it was playing there all days long. It was so much fun watching it was climbing up the stairs into the airplanes!

  As the bear grew up in the airfield among the planes it became Aviabear Mansur. It is adorable and kind baby bear, who loves to play, loves to eat (of course) and surely take sun bathes and purr happily. 

   If you visit airfield Oreshkovo in Kaluga district you can meet Mansur personally. Your visit should be agreed upon in advance (please refer to the contacts in this site).

  Feeding and rising a baby, of course, requires considerable finances and we will be very grateful to everyone who wants to participate in the life of this wonderful, beautiful, intelligent animal, which personifies the power and greatness of our mother Nature.

Orphan and son of pilots

  A small, practically new-born bear appeared at the Orlovka airfield in the spring. Where he came from and what happened is unknown. There are no random people in aviation, and men with strong hands and good hearts never leave orphans alone. The foundling was called Mansur - in the Altai dialect it means “bear”. The surname was given in honor of the airfield - Orlovsky.

The bear almost instantly turned into the epicenter of the life of the airfield - everyone came to hug it, shake it's leather paw, pat behind the ear.

Mansur still had a sucking reflex, he loved to "slap" his outstretched palm, childishly clasp the one who came up behind his knees. One of the pilot's husky dog became its best friend.

Searching for the vital way

   Somehow it turned out by itself that the pilot Andrey Ivanov became the curator, father and great friend of Mansur. He comprehended the hard science of growing bears in captivity - from the point how to feed to where it lives. For instance, chocolate is strictly forbidden for the bears. But the guests, hugging this bear was trying to give all kind of restricted sweets to the bear. That was the reason why some educational conversations took place at that time.

  - We understood that at the moment it is something between a child and a puppy. But time will fly quickly, and, frankly speaking, the place of the bear is in the forest, - recognizes Andrew. - But just like that, let go Mansur into the forest - send him to certain death. At that age, it would not feed itself. We started to look for solutions. We found Pazhetnov family. They are amazing people. They rehabilitate orphaned bear cubs, teaching them survival skills and let them back into the forest. But by the time we found their contacts,  Mansur lived among the people for a while, started to trust them and lost the basic instincts. There is no lack of bears in the country's zoos.

    By the way, while we were talking to central zoos, we found Vera Sochina (who is also in love with aviation), an employee of the Moscow Zoo— she gave very useful recommendations about the diet and when the bear needed a doctor  — she found the best one. For example, in Moscow there are only two doctors specializing in bears: one in the zoo, the second one in a private clinic in Krasnogorsk.

Officer fraud

Searching for solutions brought up to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology. There, a major officer confirmed that the aviators found the right way and gave the coordinates of the expert. He promised that they would send the bear to the nature reserve "Seliger" and that Mansur would live there “better than you and I”.

It was very hard to give a bear.  Aviators felt themselves as parents sending a teenager to a cadet school or to an overseas college — they understand that it would be better, but heart grows heavy. People, who came to take Mansur were inconvenient and the pilots did not like them.

  " Two rowdies came by old soviet car, put Mansur into the cage and took Mansur away" - Andrey remembers. 

  Aviators were unsatisfied with this very businesslike, no sentiments and long wires, the way of acting and the rusty cage. They decided to visit Mansur - it was a term of giving away the bear. But something went wrong. The man who took Mansur away from aviators never got on a contact and didn't define the place of Mansur's staying.

   The pilots conducted a whole investigation. First, they found out that from the airfield, which is halfway to the point, for some reason, the bear was taken to Ramenskoye, to the opposite direction. They pinned the carrier to the wall - he confessed that the bear cub had been taken even further, to the Kaluga region, under Zhizdra. Gave a phone contacts.

A bad detective story started: searches have shown that there is a training hound base near Zhizdra. Its telephone number occasionally popped up in hunting forums, and it was the same number, that carrier gave to the pilots. Fiodor Pashchenkov, the owner of the Mansur's friend dog husky, dialed the number and asked to "put a dog on a bear, better on a bear cub."

He got a response that "it is possible to put a dog on a bear cub, but a little bit later." The puzzle bites came together. The men realized that the object of harassment would be their Mansur. They decided to bring Mansur out of that awful place


   Mansur's cry was heard at the entrance of that base. Mansur 

scraping claws along the bars of the cage, roared. Pilots called the bear by name. Mansur numb or something.... When the cage was opened, Mansur literally jumped into Andrey’s arms. And then it began to rush between the other men, randomly grabbing their knees, licking their palms. The owner of the base gave the bear to pilots without further ado. Everything was clear. And the pilots, meanwhile, opened the pots with taken food- it was obvious that the bear was hungry. All that time, Mansur lived in a cramped cage. Hair, stained with its own excrement, felted, sometimes crawled out. The bear was led to swim.

«When bear saw the lake, it jumped into it and started to swim. Mansur felt absolutely happy», – Andrey stating.

  Mansur even said good bye to the owner of that base - it stood up on back feet and hugged him - like saying "I am not mad at you, shit happens".

 Bear sat all his long way back home, stuck with a leather nose to the window of a pickup, looking at the road and the cars around....

Home sweet home

 After long trip to home airfield Mansur jumped out the car and run to enclosure. Mansur started to examine its place - smelling everything and checking what was going on here while he was out.

  Pilots gathered to discuss what to do now and after debates decided to leave Mansur in Orlovka airfield for bear's safety.

- We studied the issue, the best conditions of treating the bears in captivity is in Moscow Zoo at the moment, we got an expert advices from there and now we are trying to treat Mansur in similar ways- Andrey states.

   The fence has been built over a huge territory (about 1/2 hectare) where Masure can freely play, climb and be safe at the same time. Staff got all instruction how to act with Mansur for their safety and bear's comfort. Andrey bacame to study animal psychology.

“Masur can become stubborn while playing. We were told that the best way to treat stubborn bear is to show a "lack of attention" rather than  outcry. If Masur makes something bad its behavior corrects by leaving the bear alone, with absolutely no attention for a while“- Andrey states.

The main task now is the construction of a new, permanent enclosure and swimming pool. And try to force Mansur to get some fat in order for hibernation. “Bears are in hibernation in the zoo. We know some tricks, we’ll try to make Mansur fall asleep, ”says Andrey.

Moving to a new airfield (Oreshkovo)

Time flies, Mansur grew up  from funny Teddy bear to big Bear and it was absolutely neсessary to move to another place. Airfield Oreshkovo became a new home for Mansur, where bear can climb to its own trees and where new, big enclosure was constructed. Soon, we hope, a new, comfortable swimming pool and playground will be constructed here, in Oreshkovo. Together we can make it!



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If you are surfing in the Internet in order to find some information regarding "pilot and bear" you are on the right way - this is the stop line, you are here! Here you can find all the information about the bear Mansur and his "daddy" pilot Andrey. 

In November 2018 Andrey took part in famous russian TV show - "Let's get married" and made a huge presentation of bear Mansur, that's the main reason why he got involved in it, marriage wasn't an end in itself:) The main goal was to get involve as much people as he can to get a necessary support to grow up our adorable bear. Bear's needs are small and modest-food and place to live with a swimming pool and surely, if we get together and help as much as we can (even if you think that orange is not a help - it is, actually, bear loves oranges as well:) we can make bear's life happy and it will thank everyone in its bear funny language.