Brief status report (on the date - December 2018)

We had huge plan of construction, different projects and its description, which are mentioned below, but lack of  finances and moving to another airfield forced us to cancel all of them, unfortunately. At least at the moment. Instead of all projects we have built bear's enclosure using 3D-fence, which is guarding by electrical herder. It is not our own invention, we used world practice. Fence has only one minus - it's not very comfortable for visitors to look over the bear through the fence (in contrast of projected - paw form enclosure). Pictures and description of new enclosure you can find on Facebook (direct link is on upper right corner. 

The most important thing to do now is to built a swimming pool for Mansur, this is the number one bear's need and we sure that together with a little help of you, bear's friends we will fulfill our dream - built a swimming pool for our Mansur.

3D-visualization of the enclosure
Area 1560 м2

Airfield Oreshkovo (earlier Orlovka airfield)

Project author: Igor Gorbunov, Concept author: Andrey Medvedev


- SAND             = 550 м3

- CONCRETE B25w   = 194 м3

- ARMATURE       = 49 tons

- ROUNDWOOD = 97 м3

- METAL FENCE = 160 м2

- RAILINGS            = 180 м2

New enclosure for Mansur

Masnur ig getting bigger and it is very important to built a new, spacious and safe enclosure for Mansur's comfortable life and for the safety of visitors, indeed.

Electrical double fence Olli  was coping with the task of keeping the bear in its territory limits . But the maturing bear requires a new enclosure, designed in accordance with the standards and experience of the world's zoos.

The project of the enclosure was designed together with experts and when we finished the calculations it was obvious that this project is way too expensive. But we still hope, that this project can be realized...

In fact, when we realized that it is impossible at that time to collect required amount of money for this project  - we decided to built a fence. Huge and high-technological fence are being constructing in Oreshkovo airfield, where Mansur moved from Oreshkovo.


We hope that all of our projects will come true with the help of Mansur's friends!

Mansur says big THANK YOU to everyone, who already helped and who wants to help - all help (such us money, materials, food and ect.) is highly appreciated. 

How to help? Please look over all possible ways to help Mansur using section of this website " DONATION". In this section you can see monies report and seach for your personal donation.

Contact info

Ivanov Andrey +79262102604

Enclosure dimensions. First concept "bear's paw" was changed

Pazhetnov Valentin - one of the bears experts in Russia is looking on enclosure project.