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Bear Mansur is currently living in airfield Oreshkovo (Kaluga district). If you wish to meet it personally please contact us in advance using the form below. In winter time bear is in hibernation and all visits are prohibited.

We will contact you asap and give all required instructions.

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Отлично! Сообщение отправлено на адрес

Please fill out the form. Also you are welcome to call Andrey using his mobile +7 (926) 210-26-04  (also Whatsapp and Telegram) or  E-MAIL:


Directions to the airfield Oreshkovo are shown on the airfield official website:

1. Take the exit on "Peremyshl" sign 

2. Go straight ahead 7 km, ride over the brigde with railway and take your left  to dirtroad and follow 2,4 km to the fork.

3. Turn right and continue 570 m, then take left and continue 1 km. 

You can see the striped rooftop, you finally got here!