Just like a pilot or an aviation technician gets acquainted with a new type of aircraft, studying manuals and documentation, when Mansur was adopted we had to study a lot of information about bears. Apparently, there were not as much information about bears as for the aircrafts (still bears are exotic animals), but we faced up with the same type of stereotypes (as well as their carriers) and delusions as in aviation. Naturally, there was a desire to show another look at the relationship between bears and humans. And the desire to show it with the participation of experts. We think, that hunters, who often pose themselves as experts can not be considered at this point. We are talking about scientists. Those who are studying the behavior of these animals.

The section initially contains two sections. The first section contains information about known cases of keeping bears in captivity, and the second one has information about most famous cases of bears attacking people raised by representatives of media, as well as supporters of the position of "killer bears" and others like them with expert's position about each case. But since no one knows exactly why and how things were, there is speculation. Like the story of the Berber family, where the lion lived at home, and then it attacked people. But if you study this case you will find out that one lion lived, but died, but completely different lion attacked  a family, who wasn't raised from childhood in this family like the first one.

Almost all information in this section provided only in Russian language, you are welcome to use google translate or search this information in the Internet. If you want to discuss your own experience with bear feel free to use contact form in this site and we redirect your story/question to the expert.